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A Book: Extra Virgin Olive Oil- The Truth In Your Kitchen (Published 2022) By David M Neuman - shipping included in price

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil- The Truth In Your Kitchen written by Professional Olive Oil Taster and 17 year Executive David M. Neuman is a fresh take on a decades old problem; how can a consumer avoid being taken advantage of when they think they are purchasing Extra Virgin grade Olive Oil but in reality the fluid in the bottle is often defective or worse, inedible. While Olive Oil isn’t something many people think much about, it is a foundational pantry staple that consumers use almost daily, and often have it served to them in restaurants. But do they know what they are eating and how to easily determine what is quality and what isnt? This book will teach them. 

Follow the journey of how most Olive Oil starts as modest olives in olive groves mostly from the Mediterranean region, and ends up in a bottle being shipped thousands of miles to a store near you. Its all starts with quality well handled olives and minimizing the hardships the oil endures during the trip and time that passes. You’ll learn about the criminals of quality: HALT= Heat, Air, Light, Time. And instead of making pushing decisions centered on price, fancy labels or meaningless awards, you will learn how to be an At Home Taster thorough learning the basics of sensory evaluation (smell and taste) and judge for YOURSELF how to evaluate what is good and enjoyable oil and what needs to be returned to the store for a refund. 

This book isn’t just about Olive Oil. It's about how shelf stable foods are produced to meet a huge consumer demand and how many larger industrial brands take advantage of consumers who they know are not experienced enough to evaluate the quality of the foods they are buying. Take back the power and become an educated Extra Virgin Olive Oil shopper. You’ll never use bad oil again.
Published by Morgan James Publishing
ISBN  9781631957802

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ruth Zech

A Book: Extra Virgin Olive Oil- The Truth In Your Kitchen (Published 2022) By David M Neuman - shipping included in price

Eugenie Kunst
The whole truth about EVOO

I love the entertaining and direct style with which David takes the reader on his adventures (and misadventures) through all facets of the olive oil business, helping us become aware of all the pitfalls we can fall into.
He’s generous and practical, teaching us how to taste olive oil so we are able to make good choices, how to integrate it in our diet and even to drizzle it on vanilla ice cream…”decadent and luscious”…what passion!
An essential guide for all potential and actual olive oil lovers to find their way through the confusing world of EVOO.

Mary Flynn, PhD, RD
Great resource

This book is an excellent resource for anyone who would like to know more about extra virgin olive oil. The author does an excellent job of telling his story of working in the olive oil world. The style is very readable and organized in a way that clearly explains the many facets of buying and consuming extra virgin olive oil. I highly recommend this book.

Maria Reyes
An olive oil conversation with an expert

Want to learn about all things olive oil without all the technicalities that go along with this amazing product? This is the book to read!
David is a true expert in the category and reading his book is the same as having a conversation with him and I know cause I’ve had many. Great job David!

Daniel Santini
Great Resource for both EVOO Consumers and Food Industry Pros

I got my book early and I read it in one go. Very interesting. I recommend the book to both olive oil consumers and food professionals dealing with olive oil in any capacity and even to olive oil veterans. Consumers and food pros can learn to select a quality olive oil and avoid the most common mistakes. Olive oil industry experts will benefit from David's perspectives and real-life stories while learning new ways to educate their consumers or colleagues about olive oil.

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