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The Kelly Clarkson Show

Did you know there can be a lot of mislabeling at the grocery store when it comes to extra virgin olive oil? Lucky for us, one of the three trained professional olive oil tasters in the U.S. wrote a new book to help anyone tell the difference between a fresh extra virgin olive oil and a knockoff. "Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Truth In Your Kitchen" author David M. Neuman dials-in and shares how to taste and smell olive oil to make sure it is genuine.

Jenny Hutt, Mom, Wife, Lawyer, Radio and TV Peronality, Writer, Hustler & People Connector, Dieter, Excerciser interviews David Neuman author and Olive Oil expert. 

They talk about all things olive oil and the truth about how to tell good olive oil from bad.

David is a renowned olive oil expert who is passionate about telling you the truth about what is in your kitchen. 

The Suki and Scott Show

David Neuman, The EVOOGuy, speaks with Scott Stanford and Sukayana Krishnan about all things Olive Oil.  What to look for, how to taste it and why the olive oil on your supermarket shelf may not be what you think it is.

Breaking Bread: Tom Papa

All our olive oil questions are answered when we are visited by David M. Neuman who literally wrote the book on olive oil - Extra Virgin Olive Oil - The Truth In Your Kitchen!

Gail Simmons & EVOO Guy - David Neumann

We get schooled by one of leading professionals in the olive oil business #davidneuman @evooguy Who happens to be one of the world's greatest #oliveoil tasters, manufacturer & author of Extra Virgin Olive Oil--The Truth In Your Kitchen Check out evooguy.com/ for guidance on what's exceptional when it comes to everything olive oil. We really enjoyed learning about it by doing an on-air tasting with David w| very fresh Spanish olive oil. We also learned about the importance of olive oil in our daily lives. David impressed us w| his full knowledge on how much respect he has for his profession & his passion! We know that you're going to get really interested in this powerful food source once you all hear what he has to say & teach. Cheers! #rolandsfoodcourt #siriusxm

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Appropriate Omnivore

“I had to understand what the consumer really wanted” David

Aaron Zober welcomes olive oil professional David Neuman to The Appropriate Omnivore podcast.

David discusses his upcoming book Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Truth in Your Kitchen

Food, News & Views with Linda Gassenheimer

Olive Oil is a staple in all of our kitchens.  David is an Olive Oil expert and trained taster.  David says 90% of olive oil is inedible and should be thrown in the garbage.

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Total Food Service

“If you can believe it, I ran a big olive oil company for five years and did not know what attributes and defects were” David

For the restaurant and B&I foodservice chef extra virgin olive oil is a kitchen pantry staple known for its health benefits, versatility, and the rich flavor that is associated with it. Unknowingly, they may be purchasing extra virgin olive oil with defects, that has spoiled, or even worse, that should be used for soap. Soap? What? In his book “Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Truth In Your Kitchen”, David Neuman hopes to educate the consumer on what quality extra virgin olive oil should taste like so they can enjoy a higher standard of culinary experience and not be fooled by mislabeled brands.

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